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What psychologists are saying about "Almost Grown:"

  • At once warm and wise, practical and reflective. Grounded in cutting-edge research on adolescent development and mindful of the different kinds of families from which adolescents launch, this book provides answers to common questions and ones parents may not even have thought to ponder."
    ~ Kathy Weingarten, Ph.D., Author of "The Mother's Voice: Strengthening Intimacy in Families." ~
  • "A loving and honest look at a developmental milestone that can tug at the heart of any parent. Written with warmth and compassion, this book is filled with wisdom and concrete advice for parents and almost-grown children."
    Sam Osherson, Ph.D., Author of "Finding Our Fathers" and "Wrestling with Love."
  • "Launching a son or daughter toward college is a challenging transition time for both parents and adolescents. In this book, Pat Pasick speaks as a wise psychologist and good friend, offering stories and counsel to help people navigate through this process. Anyone heading into this stage of life will benefit from reading this book."
    Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D. Author of "Revising Herself: The Story of Women's Identity from College to Midlife."

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Praise for "Almost Grown"

  • "Almost Grown" is in its second printing, and continues to be a 5-star book on
  • "Almost Grown" is listed 3rd on's 'Leaving the Nest' list (09/04)
  • Dr. Pasick and "Almost Grown" is quoted in the August edition of US News World (08/04)