Patrica Pasick, Ph.D
Dr. Pasick"Family" has been Dr. Patricia PasickÕs career focus for 30 years as a practitioner, trainer, author, and founder of an international non-profit. She is an Ann Arbor clinical psychologist and family therapist, and recently published the acclaimed, "Almost Grown: Launching Your Child From High School To College," now in its second printing by W.W. Norton. Trained at Harvard and the University of Michigan, Dr. Pasick has taught and published in academia, lectures frequently, and supervises and trains therapists in cutting- edge narrative systems work. She has been interviewed frequently by the media, and is an expert on the following topics:
  • Parenting and Ethnic Socialization
  • Families with Children Leaving Home
  • Post-deployment and Family Adjustments
  • Emerging Adolescents
  • The Psychology of Babyboomers
  • The Challenge of Transitions (roles, identity, life-stage, loss)
  • Women's Development

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Praise for "Almost Grown"

  • "Almost Grown" is in its second printing, and continues to be a 5-star book on
  • "Almost Grown" is listed 3rd on's 'Leaving the Nest' list (09/04)
  • Dr. Pasick and "Almost Grown" is quoted in the August edition of US News World (08/04)