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Excerpts below are from three of Dr. Pasick's articles:

"Their Wedding, Not Yours: A Garden's Advice To A Mother" - Introduction:

On a December 24 morning, our son, Adam, drew his unsuspecting parents to the dining room table and announced he was planning to be married. I gasped with delight, tears pooling then spilling from my eyes. We jumped up to embrace him and offer our blessings. Kelly had just spent Thanksgiving with us, folding herself easily into our family. They seemed so clearly in love that engagement was a natural, if rather sudden, step.

"And, second," he said, "We want to be married in the backyard..." My jaw dropped. "...Only if you think this will work, Mom."

Will what work? Would I work to cut the tie more resolutely from parent to child? Could our family work to include a virtual stranger? Or was he talking about the backyard cum chapel?

I spent the next 18 months answering those questions. When I listened, the garden was a surprising source of advice. Like a family, a garden grows through seasonal changes, the introduction of new species, accommodation, and nurturance. Long hours planting and weeding gifted me time for reflecting about this metaphor.

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Praise for "Almost Grown"

  • "Almost Grown" is in its second printing, and continues to be a 5-star book on
  • "Almost Grown" is listed 3rd on's 'Leaving the Nest' list (09/04)
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