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Other WritingThe following are summaries of articles written by Dr. Pasick:

“Lessons from Rwanda: Three Ann Arbor couples learn while they teach in Africa” A column for an online newspaper details the work done in Rwanda by several professional couples who were part of capacity-building in the areas of public health, leadership, teaching, and psychology. click here

"Ten Really Good Ideas about Launching Kids To College"

This is a wildly popular list of the ten best ideas for parents with seniors heading to college. It was used in the 20 or so parent workshops, and the 15 professional workshops conducted while promoting Almost Grown.

"On Coming Home From War"

This Web-based article is directed toward the partners and families of men and women returning from the most recent Gulf War. It draws from the most current theories about trauma, stress, and recovery and is consistent with post-deployment materials from the Department of Defense, and the military branches. This writing was done in conjunction with a University of Michigan research team looking into chronic pain and fatigue (

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Praise for "Almost Grown"

  • "Almost Grown" is in its second printing, and continues to be a 5-star book on
  • "Almost Grown" is listed 3rd on's 'Leaving the Nest' list (09/04)
  • Dr. Pasick and "Almost Grown" is quoted in the August edition of US News World (08/04)