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Rwanda/Michigan PenPals: Children as Global Partners


This ongoing penpal project has connected over 200 children in TWO Rwandan schools, with 200 Michigan students in:

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  • Dr. Pasick is accepting new clients, after a leave of absence to work in Rwanda.
  • Featured in the New York Times
  • September 21, 2010, Stories For Hope was mentioned on Neal Conan's Talk of the Nation , "Saving the World with Apps & Twitter" ( Transcript, Tape)
  • By raising over $4000 from over 50 donors, Stories For Hope Rwanda earned a permanent place on Global , a prestigious donation site for international aid projects.
  • Dr. Pasick has won a 2010 Humanitarian Service Award from the University of Michigan School of Literature Sciences, & the Arts, for her work to establish Stories For Hope Rwanda.
  • A presentation on intergenerational transmission of trauma was accepted , for presentation at the 26th Annual Meeting of International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies in Montreal (2010).
  • Stories For Hope was featured in the Fall 2010 School of Information Alumnae magazine, University of Michigan. Story (see page 6)
  • With a colleague, Celestin Zimulinda, Dr. Pasick has published "For Gloria," a creative non-fiction piece for the journal Memoir (and). The work, about a Rwandan brother & sister, will appear in September 2010.
  • Dr. Pasick, with a team assembled in Rwanda, completed a 3-week trip to Rwanda to implement two grants: one to follow-up participants from 2009, the other to begin a new action/research project in Byumba.
  • In May, 2010 Dr. Pasick met with faculty from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) to collaborate on a reconciliation project in Byumba, Rwanda.
  • Stories For Hope Rwanda was awarded a grant from Psychology Beyond Borders, to evaluate the effectiveness of intergenerational storytelling, an intervention created for Rwanda.
  • Stories For Hope Rwanda was part of a grant awarded to David Wallace, Ph.D., University of Michigan School of Information, to help archive genocide & recovery stories in Rwanda’s national archive Rwanda, and on the Internet.
  • Pat applies to deliver a workshop on Helping Parents Understand Ethnic Identity at the 2009 APA conference.
  • Collaborators at Eastern Michigan University, and the University of Michigan, meet with Pat to apply for grants to help fund Stories For Hope (SFH).
  • The Ministry of Sports and Culture (Rwanda) signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Stories For Hope, and agrees to fund start-up costs.
  • Pat's new book project, Preparing the Way: Raising Strong Children in a Still-Racial World, is shopped among publishers.
  • In NYC Pat meets with her new literary agent, Anna Ghosh, partner at Scovil, Gavil, and Ghosh.
  • A column "Lessons from Rwanda" is published. click here
  • Pat expands her professional network, joining the Asian-American Psychological Association, and the National Assoc. for Multicultural Educators.
  • Stories For Hope-Rwanda (SFH)is certified by Rwanda, to be an International Non-governmental Organization (INGO).
  • The New York Times publishes Pat's Letter to the Editor: click here
  • SFH sets up an office in the Remera sector outside Kigali.
  • SFH hires Evas Kyomugisha as in-country director, and John Bosco Bugingo, as attorney.
  • On a fourth visit to Rwanda, Pat obtains a Letter of Agreement from the Ministry of Sports and Cultur, to conduct the pilot of Stories For Hope.
  • An Emmy award-winning producer begins talks with Pat about a documentary of her work in Rwanda.
  • Pat begins a writing collaboration with the brother of a Rwandan genocide victim.
  • On a fifth trip to Rwanda, Pat obtains fund for the pilot of Stories For Hope.
  • Pat meets Dave Isay, founder of StoryCorps, and makes her own tape with son Daniel, in Lower Manhattan.
  • The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, receives Pat's draft of "The Origins of Leadership: Personal Stories from the Top 100 Leaders in Rwanda.
  • "Re-Storying Rwanda" The Republic of Rwanda considers Patricia's proposal to bring a mobile storytelling unit around the country, to help Rwanda's first generation to be born after the genocide.
  • Patricia makes a third visit to Rwanda, delivering over $4500 in donations to 15 school children needing tuition assistance, penpal letters from three Michigan schools, and a mental health proposal to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture. Work on leadership stories continues.
  • Presentation to Northville Public Schools on The College Transition
  • Visit to StoryCorps headquarters in New York.

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