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February 2009
  • Memorandum of Understanding between Stories For Hope and Ministry of Sports and Culture
January 2009
  • Preparing the Way book proposal sent around to publishers
  • Anna Ghosh becomes new literary agent
December 2008
  • Member Asian American Psychological Association
  • Member National Association for Multicultural Education
  • Member, Anti-Racist Parent (online)
  • Member, Division 45 American Psychological Association
July-August 2008
  • Fifth trip to Rwanda with two assistants, to organize Stories For Hope, and attend Rwandan friends' wedding.
  • Two-day safari in Kenya (rhinos!!) with friend Barbara Steenstrup
June 2008
  • Registration of Stories For Hope-Rwanda as a non-profit corporation in Michigan
May 2008
  • With her sons, Pat recently backpacked into Zion National Park.
  • Fourth trip to Rwanda, to set up Stories For Hope
  • In Rwanda, bore witness to a man's search for his sister's remains, after she was murdered in the 1994 genocide.
August 2007 June 2007
  • The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, receives Pat's draft of "The Origins of Leadership: Personal Stories from the Top 100 Leaders in Rwanda.
May 2007
  • Almost Grown comes out in Mandarin, distributed in the Republic of China.
  • "Re-Storying Rwanda" The Republic of Rwanda considers Patricia's proposal to bring a mobile storytelling unit around the country, as a therapeutic aid for Rwanda's first generation to be born after the genocide.
  • Patricia makes a third visit to Rwanda, delivering over $4500 in donations to 15 school children needing tuition assistance, penpal letters from three Michigan schools, and a mental health proposal to the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture. Work on leadership stories continues.
April 2007
  • Presentation to Northville Public Schools on The College Transition
  • Visit to StoryCorps headquarters in New York.
March 2007
  • Publication of three chapters in In Our Uncles' Words: We Fought For Freedom. Book signing in Norfolk Virgnia. Meet the Philippines' Ambassador to the US.
February 2007
  • Presentation to the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Michigan: At the Water's Edge: Early Filipino Navymen
  • New York City: Meet with Dr. Yael Danieli, award-winning author of books and articles about children of the Holocaust survivors and PTSD, and Jacqueline Murekatete, genocide survivor and chairperosn of Miracle Corners of the World, Inc. a non-profit company devoted to human rights
January 2007
  • Pat's second visit to Rwanda where she conducts a workshop for bpeace, on the integration of peace missions with business missions to a group of women entrepreneurs. Work on leadership stories continues. Visit to the Nyamata Genocide Memorial.
December 2006
  • Delivery of "Singgalot" summary to online Filipino-American magazine.
November 2006
  • Delivery of 46-page Web piece for the Smithsonian Institute on Filipinos in the Military ("Singgalot"). Pat joins bpeace, a non-governmental agency supporting small businesses among women in Afghanistan and Rwanda.
September 2006
  • Begins blog, "Rwanda."
  • Working trip to the nation of Rwanda. Contact schools for penpal project; consult to Leadership Training Workshop; inception of Leadership Story Project; visit Kigali Genocide Memorial; meet with director of AVEGA, a genocide widows support project.
July 2006
  • Deliver three chapters for In Our Uncles' Words: We Fought For Freedom.
June 2006
  • Deliver speech to 200 attendees on "Filipinos in the Military" at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C.
May 2006
  • Research at the Naval Historical Museum and National Archives, Washington, D.C. Attend the opening of "SINGGALOT," a major exhibit in commemoration of 100 years of Filipino migration to the US.
Spring, 2006
  • Pat's short story "Rose Petals and Vanilla Beans" is selected by the Asian American Writers' Workshop to be reviewed by a top fiction publisher.
February 2006
  • Submit historical family pictures to the SINGGALOT project being assembled in Hawaii. Accept the authorship of Web-based historical piece about Filipinos in the US Military. Accept invitation to give a major address at the Smithsonian Institute.
January 2006
  • Visit to the Philippine Islands; research at the National Archives in Manila; meet the authors of a book on Batangas; meet F. Sionil Jose, Jose, celebrated Filipino novelist and, at De La Salle University, author Alfredo Roces, who launched Adios, Patria Adorada: The Filipino as Ilustrado, the Ilustrado as Filipino.
October 2004
  • First Ann Arbor meeting of the Narrative Family Therapy Consultation Group.
September 2004
  • "Almost Grown" is listed 3rd on's "Leaving the Nest" list.
  • The Filipino-American Intermarriage Oral-Interview Project (FIOP) continues with interviews in New York City.
August 2004
  • Dr. Pasick, and "Almost Grown" is quoted in the August edition of US News World
  • Beginning of the FIOP Project, with interviews in Florida.
July 2004
  • Participant in Filipino-American Historical Society's annual meeting.
June 2004
  • Conducted workshop on Positive Psychology, University of Michigan Counseling Center.
  • Gave last of nine workshops in Narrative Family Therapy.
  • " Interviewed by the Village Voice about young adult children and money.

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