Patrica Pasick, Ph.D
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About Dr. Pasick
Dr. Pasick
Dr. Pasick comes to her work with graduate degrees from Harvard and the University of Michigan, and over 30 years treating families, couples, and individuals.

Alongside that work, she has trained professionals and graduate students. She has authored articles for journals and books, and her book, "Almost Grown" (W.W. Norton), about the transition from high school to college, is highly rated by parents , schools, colleges and universities.

The challenges for people and families in transition, across the life-span, is Dr. Pasick's specialty. Her philosophy is informed by a stance of curiosity and collaboration. The treatment approaches available to clients are cognitive-behavioral techniques, family-of-origin systems work, and the strength-based ideas coming from narrative approaches, which focus on meaning-making and re-storying.