Patrica Pasick, Ph.D
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About Dr. Pasick | Biography
The following list highlights Dr. Pasick's experience as a therapist, author and trainer.
  • Graduate degrees from Harvard University and University of Michigan.
  • Licensed Ph.D. Psychologist since 1985.
  • Author, Almost Grown: Launching Your Child From High School To College (W.W. Norton), recommended by hundreds of colleges and universities.
  • 30 years experience working, writing, and teaching about families.
  • 2010 Humanitarian Service Award, University of Michigan (for her project in Rwanda)
  • Awarded 3 grants for international trauma work.
  • Published author of numerous articles and books.
  • Former faculty member in psychology for the Fielding Institute, Ph.D. Program in Clinical Psychology.
  • Member of numerous professional organizations, including the American Academy of Family Therapists.
  • Former President of Ann Arbor Center For the Family and AACFF Research and Training, Inc.
  • 15 years experience as a trainer in family therapy.